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Toronto Lead Agency

a photo of EMYS Executive Director Claire Fainer

Claire Fainer, Executive Director, EMYS

Moving on Mental Health Toronto Lead Agency

Message from Claire Fainer, Executive Director, EMYS

Taking on the role of Toronto Lead Agency has been a major milestone in the history of our agency. Today, I see incredible potential for all Core Services agencies in Toronto. This is an exciting time for our sector.

We have the unique opportunity to come together in partnership to improve child, youth and family access to mental health services in Toronto.

We all recognize that change cannot happen overnight, and will demand much dialogue and hard work from all of us. We are committed to working in concert with all of you as we take thoughtful and measured steps toward optimizing services in Toronto. We are very grateful to our colleagues working in infant, child and youth mental health for their active support, expertise and insights as we have taken early steps as a Lead Agency in 2015.

We know that together we will be able to achieve the goal of providing the right services at the right time for infants, children, youth facing mental health issues and their families. Together, we will effect positive change for the entire mental health sector in Toronto by driving forward system improvements and creating a collective framework for delivering service to Toronto kids and families.

What is a Lead Agency?

East Metro Youth Services was named a Lead Agency under the Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) action plan for the Toronto service area in February 2015.

MOMH is an important part of Ontario’s comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. The plan ensures children, youth and families are able to get mental health services in their communities that are accessible, responsive and based on the experiences of the children and youth who need help.

Lead agencies are tasked with ensuring core, community-based child and youth mental health services are available in their service area and collaborating with other community partners to ensure that our efforts are coordinated to improve service no matter where a young person or parent makes their initial contact.

Lead Agency FAQ

Year 1 Progress Report

2015 16 Community Mental Health Plan

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