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Counselling and case management


Intensive Community Counselling and Priority Access for Child Welfare Program

Intensive Community Counselling (ICC) and the Priority Access for Child Welfare (PACW) programs are home-based counselling programs. The programs strive to strengthen the ability of youth to function effectively in their home, school and/or community through the use of intensive mental health interventions. The therapeutic model used in this program is Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). The approach is not focused on the past, but instead deals with the present and future. SFBT is a goal focused, collaborative approach, and builds on small successes. ICC is a 3-month program, and the catchment area is Scarborough. Referrals are made by families and other community resources (although the family needs be complete the referral). PACW is a 5-month program, and serves the City of Toronto. Referrals must come from a child welfare agency in Toronto.

Transitional Support

Transitional Support Service (TSS) is to facilitate the process of admission and discharge planning for unattached youth who are admitted to the Child and Adolescent Unit at Rouge Valley Health Centre – Centenary Site. This service can be accessed to avert admission where possible.

‘what’s up’ walk-in® Clinic

The ‘what’s up’ walk-in® Clinic is Toronto’s only free, five day a week mental health counselling walk- in service for children, youth, young adults, and families. The clinic helps with issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation, sexual identity matters, bullying, behavioural concerns, addictions, and anything else that might be on one’s mind. The clinic is barrier free, and accessible. No health card or appointment is necessary. Therapists offer single session / Brief Solution Focused therapeutic interventions. what’s up walk-in also offers a variety of language services including specific nights dedicated to Mandarin/Cantonese, Dari/Farsi, and periodically Tamil.

The clinic currently collaborates with Operation Springboard to provide Youth Justice support, and the Canadian Mental Health Association to provide support to transitional aged youth, and collaborates with Aisling Discoveries to enhance services to children 0-12 years old and their families. The clinic also offers specific nights to LGBTQ youth. what’s up walk-in® is also offered at Oolagen (416-395-0660), Griffin Centre (416-222-4380), Etobicoke Children’s Centre (416-240-1111) and Yorktown (416-394-2424).

EMYS, in partnership with and Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto, offer grief counselling walk-in services for youth and young adults.

Whatever It Takes (WIT) Program

The Whatever it Takes (WIT) program, is a collaboration between East Metro Youth Services and The Griffin Centre. WIT helps the service system respond to the needs of children and youth aged 0 -18 years, with complex clinical profiles and complicated service needs that require cross sector service provision. WIT provides support to the entire service delivery system, experiencing difficulties finding or providing appropriate services for these children, youth, and their families. WIT provides this through interim case management with the goal of transferring these responsibilities to another provider or back to the referral source itself, where appropriate. Our WIT program serves the East Toronto (Scarborough) and South Toronto (Victoria Park Avenue to Keele Street, South of Eglinton). For WIT services in North and West Toronto please contact Griffin Centre (416-222-1153)