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Child and Youth Exploitation & Trauma Treatment


The Cyber Violence Research Project

The Cyber Violence Research Project, is a peer-led, city-wide needs assessment on sexual cyber violence experienced by girls and young women. The project is collaboration between East Metro Youth Services, St. Stephen’s Community House and METRAC and is funded by the Status of Women, a federal government organization that promotes equality for women and their full participation in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada.

The project team – Webbing With Wisdom – is conducting a research project to better understand the experiences young women are having with cyber sexual violence.  We will be collecting our research via 300 SURVEYS administered across the GTA.  If you are a self-identified woman between the ages of 14 and 24, we  want you to participate in this SURVEY because you are the experts. Too often, the voices of young women go unheard. This is your opportunity to tell us – confidentially – about what’s really happening online.  We have all had our individual experiences with sexual cyber violence. Our goal is to figure out why it happens, who it happens to and what we can do to end it.  **Please read the Disclaimer before taking the survey.**

Once we collect all of this information, we’re not just going to file it away or turn it into a huge document that nobody understands or gets to see. We want self-identified women to be a part of the conversation that helps to end sexual cyber violence.

Human Trafficking Project

East Metro Youth Services provides client-centered treatment to individuals who are survivors of domestic human trafficking. Our program is grounded in the treatment of trauma, relational therapy and addressing human rights. We tailor our work to the individual experiences of every client and believe in empowering survivors to have self-worth and to build healthy support systems.  In partnership, we connect clients to transitional and supportive housing, employment programs, school programs, and holistic case management and court support.

Our unique SWEET program helps Toronto youth involved in sex trafficking. Learn more.

We provide trainings on domestic human trafficking and sexual exploitation to social service agencies, educations, students and law enforcement. Our trainings are co-facilitated by peer workers with lived experience.  If you are interested in hosting a training, please contact Carly at Ext. 242 or email

Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Counselling Program

ICE provides funding for short-term ( 8 -12 sessions) immediate counselling services for children and youth who are victims of Internet sexual exploitation and to their immediate family members.

ICE is a fee-for-service program, in partnership with BOOST and the OPP.  Clients are first referred by the OPP to Boost; Boost will then contact EMYS who will assign the case to an available worker.