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Toronto Lead Agency


In February 2015, EMYS was named the Toronto Lead Agency by the former Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) to lead the implementation of the Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) action plan. This plan will transform the experience of infants, children and youth with mental health challenges. Our goal, working in close collaboration with our fellow agency partners, is to give parents and youth the ability to understand what mental health services are available in their communities and how to access them efficiently as possible.

At the heart of the work we do are the infants, children and youth requiring mental health supports in Toronto. Through our collaborative work with related institutions and accredited service agencies, we will strive to improve pathways and service quality.

By 2021, EMYS will have collaboratively created and be managing a coordinated, responsive, and accessible mental health system for infants, children, and youth in Toronto and their parents and caregivers. We will strive to ensure effective pathways to service that are timely, evidenced-informed, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and barrier-free.

“Every child and young person deserves support to reach their full potential – and our communities and our province need them to realize that potential. Children and young people deserve a mental health system that delivers services and supports that respond quickly and comprehensively to their needs, as close to home as possible.” Former Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Moving on Mental Health Action Plan

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Moving on Mental Health

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