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Your Rights as an EMYS Client


As an EMYS client, you have the right:

  • To privacy and confidentiality
  • To make a complaint
  • To be treated with dignity, respect and without discrimination
  • To a safe and secure service environment

Privacy and Confidentiality at EMYS

At EMYS, we collect personal information and inform our clients and participants how and why this information will be used. However, personal information can help to identify a person. Therefore, this information is treated with the utmost care at EMYS. Unless required by law, this information is not disclosed without permission and consent. We inform our clients how the data we collect will be used.


EMYS strives to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


EMYS makes every effort to protect personal information from:

  • Loss or theft.
  • Inappropriate disclosure.
  • Unauthorized copying or adjustments to information.
  • Unauthorized access to information.


All EMYS employees, placement students, and volunteers must sign an oath of confidentiality prior to their involvement with the agency, and are expected to uphold this agreement. However, in cases where clients are at risk of being physically, sexually, and/or emotionally harmed or there is an imminent danger to self, others, or property, EMYS has a legal obligation to break confidentiality. EMYS staff, placement students, and volunteers are required by the Child and Family Services Act to report to the appropriate authorities any instance of a youth who is in need of protection.  Clients requesting the destruction of their file must wait until their 28th birthday (as per Ministry of Children and Youth Services guidelines) at which point they can request , in writing, that their file be destroyed.

E-communication, which includes the use of cellular ‘phone, e-mail, video call, social media outlets, etc., may be used for the purpose of programming and communication with EMYS programs and staff.  EMYS clients understand that if they choose to communicate by email/text/video call, EMYS cannot guarantee complete confidentiality.  Examples of how security may be breached include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of public computer, sharing your computer and/or cellular ‘phone
  • Leaving or storing confidential material on a computer screen and/or a cellular ‘phone for others to see
  • Loss of computer and/or cellular ‘phone
  • Computer being hacked or use of monitoring software

Issues or Concerns (Complaint Procedure)

We at East Metro Youth Services are committed to offering the best service possible. Your thoughts and suggestions are important to us. We encourage you to comment on our performance at any time, even if you have a complaint. You can do this in writing or by speaking with your worker. If you would like to leave it in writing, please place your comment in an envelope, and mark the envelope with COMMENT. Leave it with the receptionist at 1200 Markham Road, Suite 200, M1H 3C3 or Suite 313 (The Zone). Your communication will be provided to the EMYS Privacy Officer.

Complaint Procedure

Questions ou préoccupations (traitement des plaintes)

To help you have your concern(s) heard and responded to as quickly as possible, there are a variety of steps offered. Starting with, talking to your Worker, his or her Supervisor, Manager, Director, Executive Director, and finally if still required the Board of Directors.

If you would like a copy of the complete Complaint Procedure please look on our website or ask any EMYS staff for a copy.

Click here to download Your Privacy and Confidentiality form in English and French

Risks and Benefits

Things to consider before you get involved with EMYS:

  • You may feel worse before you feel better.
  • Therapy is hard work and can be scary at times.
  • Dealing with your problems may feel overwhelming, and you might just want to ignore what’s bothering you.
  • Some people might not be supportive when they hear that you are involved with a Mental Health Agency.
  • It can take longer than you think.

Benefits of getting involved with EMYS:

  • Your diversity will be respected.
  • You will have a safe, confidential, supportive place to talk about difficult issues.
  • We will work with you on problem solving, and help you come up with new ideas on how to handle situations that you find difficult.
  • We will help you regain control of your life.
  • We will help you identify and build on your strengths. We will work with you to help you get all of the coordinated services that you might need.


EMYS Accessibility, Equity and Anti-Racism Commitment

East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) recognizes that Scarborough (East Toronto) is made up of people from diverse communities and equity-seeking groups including but not limited to women, youth, people with disabilities, ethno-cultural and racial minorities, immigrants and refugees, people of various faiths, the socio-economically disadvantaged, Indigenous and LGBTQ2SA+.

EMYS supports young people in dealing with challenges such as mental illness, learning/physical disabilities, addiction, sexual orientation, gender identity, depression, cultural identity, tendencies to self-harm, difficulties expressing anger, and family/relationship conflicts etc. If you are witnessing, experiencing, or perpetrating bullying, violence, or abuse, we are here to help.

EMYS is committed to ensuring that the Agency’s mission and programs:

  • Embrace the entire community
  • Actively encourage the community to participate fully and benefit from services
  • Reduce barriers to access for members of Scarborough’s (East Toronto) diverse communities

EMYS will strive to foster a climate within the Agency that actively promotes mutual respect and believes that every person has the right to live, work and serve in an environment free of individual, as well as, systemic harassment and discrimination.

EMYS is committed to excellence in serving all clients/participants including people with disabilities. Click here to read EMYS’ Accessible Client/Participant Service Plan.

Accès, équité et antiracisme