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EMYS Named Toronto Lead Agency


East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) has been named the Toronto lead agency by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services as part of the province’s mental health strategy.

The selection completes Phase Two of Moving on Mental Health, Ontario’s transformation of child and youth mental health services.

Why Moving on Mental Health?

• 1 in 5 Ontario children are struggling with a mental health concern. Mental health issues often begin at a young age – about 70% of mental health challenges have their onset in childhood and adolescence.
• Finding mental health services for children and youth in Ontario can be difficult.
• The ministry has identified geographical service areas across Ontario. Lead agencies in each service area will ensure children, youth and families across the province have access to the same core services and clear pathways.

Moving on Mental Health will make clear to children, youth and families with mental health issues what services are available in their communities. Claire Fainer, Executive Director, East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) said the province’s new mental health strategy for child and youth is a step in the right direction.  “A more responsive and integrated system will tell Torontonians in need how to access mental health services and support,” said Fainer.

EMYS will assume greater responsibilities over a two to three year period. During the first year, all ministry-funded agencies, including EMYS, which are delivering child and youth mental health services will continue to play an important role in delivering quality services for children, youth and their families.

The role of Lead agencies is to work together with the ministry on:

• Core Service responsibilities – ensuring that core services are delivered in the Toronto service area; and
• Local System responsibilities – ensuring that Toronto’s community-based sector works together with healthcare providers, schools, and other organizations so young people get the support they need.

What happens now:

• EMYS will continue to do whatever it takes to support children, youth and families to enhance their mental health and reach their personal best.
• EMYS will develop a leadership team to support system  transformation activities; and
• Meetings with the Ministry, School Boards and Health sector partners as well as CYMH agencies to discuss new ways of working together.
EMYS continues to be committed to delivering and making accessible new and current pathways to core services to meet the unique and diverse needs of children, youth and families and their communities.