About EMYS

East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) is an adolescent mental health and addictions centre, accredited by the Canadian Centre of Accreditation, serving young people and their families since 1974.

Our Mission

We continuously strive to engage youth and young adults in reaching their personal best through:

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Enhancing their mental health

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Investing in their future potential

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Innovative collaboration with our diverse families, communities and service partners

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Our Vision

Doing whatever it takes – We are committed to doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of the clients, participants and families we serve.

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Our Approach

We have incorporated the following concepts into everything we do.

  • Youth and their families are the experts in their lives.
  • We provide individualized programming to meet the unique needs and circumstances of youth and their families.
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Our Philosophy

At East Metro Youth Services we believe:

  • The best interests of youth in our community are paramount.
  • Youth and their families should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • The strengths, diversity, and potential of youth and their families should be recognized and valued.
  • Flexibility, innovation, and individualized treatment approaches are important to providing responsive services.
  • Collaboration with the youth, families, community and other service providers enhance the achievement of outcomes for youth.
  • Excellent, high quality services and programs are based on best practices and staying evidence-informed.
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Our Values

At EMYS we go above and beyond to deliver high quality service. We see it as a necessity not a choice. Below are the principles we are committed to upholding in our work:

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Put People First

We ensure the interests of infants, children, youth and families are central in all our decisions and work to support their unique needs, circumstances and strengths.
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Value Diversity

We work relentlessly to ensure dignity, equity, respect and inclusivity in all of our interactions with clients, staff, partners and funders.
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Be Culturally Competent

We value and model cultural competence by providing services that respect the diverse and unique backgrounds, beliefs and practices of individuals and their families.
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Uphold Professional Excellence

Our industrious, highly-qualified staff bridge lived and learned experience to ensure a community-based and evidence-informed approach.
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Lead Collaboratively

We optimize our ability to deliver quality services by recognizing and leveraging the capacity of others through a respectful and inclusive approach to leadership.
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Enable Ongoing Learning

We are adaptive and flexible, but also measured and data-driven. We evaluate what we do and learn from all our work.
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Encourage Innovation

We are creative with our resources, take bold and thoughtful risks, and adopt and test promising practices early on to drive success.

Lead Agency

In 2015, EMYS was named Lead Agency for Toronto by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, as part of the province’s mental health strategy. Our mission as Lead Agency, in partnership with other service providers, is to improve child, youth and family access to mental health services in Toronto.


East Metro Youth Services is proud to be accredited through the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA), a third-party review based on accepted organizational practices that promote ongoing quality improvement and responsive, effective community services.

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EMYS by the numbers

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51 clients served


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2170 clients served


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155 clients served

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Developmental Services


85 clients served